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Occupational Health and Safety

At Aspire Life we have highly qualified experts who assess workplace risks that may impact the health, safety and welfare of your employees.

Workplace health and safety is important for every organization in order to ensure maximum employee productivity. The number and severity of physical injuries as a result of over exertion can be reduced if employees are taught how to prevent them.

Work place health and safety enables the organization to:

  • Maximize employee productivity
  • Retain good employees
  • Minimize injuries at workplace
  • Reduce costs of injury
  • Compliance (Meet legal obligations)

Contact us in order to:

  • Provide training for your employees (First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, Health etiquette, Ergonomics)
  • Identify the occupational risk factors at your organization
  • Evaluate risk factors
  • Encourage early reporting
  • Implement solutions
  • Form emergency action plans
  • Provide safety tools (First Aid kits, fire extinguishers, protective gear, safety signs and signals)
  • Supply office furniture accessories to support healthy posture and comfort.

Our team comprises of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, Health and Safety experts to sensitize your employees about workplace risks and treat those who have physical musculoskeletal injuries.

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